Batch Excel Files Splitter

Batch Excel Files Splitter tool is devised to reduce the workload of splitting excel files into a new workbook. The software is an ingenious apparatus that has the capacity to process excel files of all extensions like .xls, .xlxs, etc. easily. It has the ability to handle these files in infinite number without any difficulty.

This excel file splitter has all the required features that save both effort & time of the user. It even serves choice to save the newly created file in a folder assigned by the user. This software can easily work in all MS Excel versions like 2013, 2010 & 2007.

A person of non-technical background can also cherish this amazing software and this is totally because of its structure. Undoubtedly this splitter is the best tool to split Excel sheets into a new workbook. It’s swiftness & accuracy establishes it ahead of all other excel file splitters.

Key Features
The Batch Excel Files Splitter offers various advantages that are manifested through the key features that it provides. These include the following:
  • The software can split excel sheets into a new file.
  • It has the efficiency to process bulk of excel files.
  • The tool supports excel files of all extensions like .xls, .xlsx, etc.
  • The newly created files can be saved in a folder chosen by the user.
  • It is flexible to work in all versions of MS Excel like 2013, 2010 & 2007.
  • It works very quickly & does exactly as you command.
  • The tool can be easily handled in daily office work.
  • It is the best tool Excel file splitter.
Batch Excel Files Splitter

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