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File Renamer Tool is software basically designed to rename files in bulk of different formats within seconds. Users can drop as many files as they can and can rename them in the quickest span of time. The software is also capable of renaming the extension of the files. The software File Renamer Tool has the latest features required to complete the work in the shortest span of time. The functioning of the software is also very easy and can be handled by a normal person also. You can also either copy or move files which you want to rename.

Filer Renamer Tool has two main features on which the whole work depends. The first one is File Name Property where users can change the file name, extension, etc. You can also add things prefix, suffix, separator, etc. with the options given in this part. In the second option ‘Custom Rename’ you can change the name of the files manually. So these two options give you full authority to rename files as per your wish.

The software is very advanced in its features and speed but it is very simple to handle. User needs to drop those files which he chooses to rename. For that he has to click on Add Files and choose the files. Then in the second step he has to choose one option in between File Name Property & Custom Rename. The choice totally depends upon the type of rename he wants to. In the third step user needs to assign the target folder where he wants to save the renamed files. In the last step user has to click on Start to initiate & the work is done.

Key Features
The software File Renamer Tool is very efficient in its task and saves a lot of time of the user. It’s a fine software and works in tremendous speed.
  • File Renamer Tool is a software that can rename thousands of files in one click.
  • File renamer tool has several amazing features which lack in other software.
  • File Renamer Tool can rename files of all formats whichever you drop and has several features to rename them.
  • Through File Name Property you can rename files adding prefix, suffix, extension, etc.
  • With Custom Rename user can rename files manually by selecting files one by one.
  • There is also an option of filter which gives you chance to rename files of a certain extension
  • User can save the files in a target folder with the options available in the software.
  • It is the best renaming tool right now in the market at really a reasonable price.
File Renamer Tool

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