(Short Introduction)

We are a promising Information Technology company that specializes in software production. Our aim is to help the businesses, offices, organizations and institutions by providing state of the art helpful software tools for various purposes such as:

  • File Management
  • Office Automation
  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Phone marketing

We have also carved a niche for ourselves in the Windows mobile apps development and there is hardly any surprise that our software products are doing wonders all over the globe and their demand is increasing at a high rate.

We employ a unique approach towards software development. First and foremost we carry out a detailed research on the needs and requirements of the offices and companies. We collect the ideas and discuss them in detail to form an image of the final product. Thereafter, we assign the software development task to our specialized teams in various areas of development to produce highly efficient, user friendly and advanced software. Our approach is to offer the products that not only make the work easier but also faster and cheaper. This approach of ours has helped us draw praises from all corners of the software development world. We specialize in the development and production in the following areas of automation tools:

  1. Office Automation: Our products such as Word Find and Replace, Excel Find and Replace and PowerPoint Find and Replace are doing wonders by promoting productivity and efficiency at the workplaces.
  2. Batch Printing: Our Multiple Files Printer and Scheduler software for batch printing has made the printing of thousands of files of different formats possible from a single batch at unmatched speed. The software also offers log and analysis of the tasks undertaken. It also offers scheduling of the printing tasks for future.
  3. Unicode Font Converters: Seemingly simple yet important software have proved to extremely useful for the offices. Unicode Hindi font converter software from our company offers conversion between the most widely used traditional Hindi fonts to new age Unicode fonts.

Besides development of fresh software, we are also experts at customizing the software according to the needs of the clients. We take care of the following aspects while customizing the software:

  1. Flexibility: We customize the software to fit your needs but we also appreciate the fact that your needs might change in future so, we take care that you get required flexibility with our services.
  2. Cost Effective: We customize the software at reasonable rates and besides this, we try our utmost to remold the software in such a fashion that it reduces the hardware, processing and working costs.
  3. Windows Desktop Application and Phone Applications: This area is our forte in software customization. We also customize Excel Addins. contact us at :

    Window India
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