Gmail Email Extractor

Gmail Email Extractor tool makes email ids harvesting from Gmail account easy & effortless. It has all the needed features that make your task totally effortless. There is a choice available to harvest email ids from folders in Gmail like inbox, sent, spam, etc. You can choose the option as per your need & can get the Ids. Together with that the tool also serves choice to extract email ids from fields like To, From, CC, BCC, etc. following the same process. Thus you get choice to harvest email ids from all sectors of Gmail.

This email extractor even gives option to save those email ids harvested from Gmail account. You can keep them safe either in .CSV format for Excel or in .TXT format for Text. The USP of this tool is it choice of restricting duplicate ids from getting downloaded. You just have to tick on the option ‘Do not list Duplicate IDs’ & the tool will do the rest. This particular feature saves huge time of the user. It has been purposely made adaptive to perform in all conditions. These things make this tool the best email extractor from Gmail account.

Key Features
  • Gets email ids from Gmail account of yours.
  • It can extract email ids from folders like inbox, sent, etc. of Gmail.
  • Even email ids from fields like To, From, CC, BCC, etc can also be extracted.
  • The list of extracted email ids can be saved in excel or text file formats.
  • Users can even restrain email ids from downloading with this tool.
  • The framework has been made in a way that maximum people could utilize it.
  • It is the best email extractor available at this rate.
Gmail Email Extractor

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