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Web Meta Tag Extractor tool is an efficient apparatus devised to extract meta tags from websites in bulk. The tool seeks meta tags on the basis of URLs that are given by the user. It has the capacity to extract meta tags from web pages of thousands of URLs. Also the tool harvests meta tags of the URLs present on the web page of given URL. Thus shows its multitasking abilities.

The tool also gives invitation to import more & more URLs with its options. users have the freedom to dump URLs if they have already them in a file like Excel or Text format. So extract as much as you can. Also it has default section for extracting title, description, etc. from where you can directly harvest tags. But users can also add tags such as heading, author, etc. from the web pages.
Now the tool is not only bound to harvest tags but also save them.

The extracted tags can be kept in excel or text file formats for future use. Thus making it a perfect tool for this particular purpose. A tool like this can be really advantageous for the companies that largely do SEO & web developing tasks. it is a quick & accurate finisher that save huge time & effort of yours. This is the best meta tag extractor tool in the category with an accessible price.

Key Features
The key features of Web Meta Tag Extractor are as follows:
  • Extracts meta tags in huge amount from web pages.
  • Users can drop thousands of URLs in one go.
  • Even if user has a file with URLs saved then it can also be utilized.
  • Tags like title, description, etc. can be extracted from the web pages.
  • More tags such as can author, heading, etc. can be easily extracted.
  • Harvested meta tags can be saved either in excel or in Text format.
  • Beneficial for web SEO.
Web Meta Tag Extractor

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