Bulk Email Sender

Bulk Email Sender is an advanced & unique Bulk Email Software designed to help send bulk emails to large number of recipients in a single process. Drops emails to inbox not to spam folder. One of the mostreasons to develop this software is to make bulk mailing process fast, precise, and easy it has been equipped with full advanced features to assist this purpose. Users can import multiple or single list of email addresses in this bulk email software from PC and send emails in bulk to them. This feature speeds makes your email marketing more effective and speed up Bulk emailing process manifolds.

Most important feature of this Bulk email sender software is personalized email options. This bulk email software allows the user to send personalized emails with unique content to huge number of recipients using data from excel. Softwarepermits the user to attach different types of files like excel, word, PPT, PDF etc. to emails. It also provides a log file to the users that providing all information about sent and failed emails. This software is compatible with almost all versions of windows operating system and is very easy to download & install.Utility of Bulk Email Sender like this one is massive in present consequence. Send emails in bulk using this tool and give a new height to your business and services.

Today emails are one of the most essentialconcept to all types of communication including business communication. Emails play an important role in start, continuance or end of business communication.

At times business communication process requires Group email sending.This software can be used as a Group Email Sender software to send emails to a particular group of recipients in one single operation. To send emails in groups, user needs to keep a list of email addresses of all members of a group in a excel file from which IDs can be imported to send Group emails.

Bulk Email Sender

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Key Features
The key features of Bulk Email Sender are as follows:
  • Sends mail to inbox not to spam.
  • Lets the user to send Bulk email to large number of email IDs simultaneously.
  • Allows the user to import email IDs from text or excel files.
  • Also lets the user to send personalized emails with unique matter to large number of IDs in one single operation.
  • Can be used as a Group email sender top send Group emails to a particular group of people.
  • Provides a log file that gives all details about sent and failed emails.
  • Tool is very useful for online marketing.
  • It is also useful for business communication.
  • It sends Bulk email at lightning speed.
  • Tool is compatible with different versions of windows operating system.
  • It is very easy to download.
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