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Email Extractor Outlook extracts email addresses from different MS Outlook PST Files. The Outlook Email Extractor can extract email ids from different personal folders and sub-folders. This email extractor tool can extract email addresses from folders like drafts, in-box, out-box, contacts, sent items, deleted items etc. The tool also allows the users to add a number of .PST files in addition to the default files to specifically selected accounts and profiles to recover outlook mails.

This Email Extractor Outlook is extremely fast and reliable. It can automatically remove the email addresses which are duplicates of the others. It also has filtering options which allow users in getting email addresses which are actually required and relevant. The extracted outlook mail is saved either in .CSV which opens in Excel or .TXT which opens in notepad.

The software can read very easily many PST file email addresses at a time. The Outlook Email Address Extractor helps the users to create their email list in minutes. It can easily read DBX file email addresses and is extremely user friendly.

Key Features
The key features of the Email Extractor Outlook are as follows:
  • The Email Extractor Outlook is efficient email extractor software which is capable of extracting email addresses from Microsoft Outlook files.
  • Extract email addresses from different folders which are personal and sub-folders.
  • The email extractor works in folders like drafts, in-box, sent items, deleted items, contacts, out-box, etc.
  • The Outlook Email Address Extractor allows the users to add .PST files to selected profile.
  • The tool can recover outlook emails in a single process.
  • The software is highly capable of extracting mail in extremely fast and accurate manner.
  • The software has filters which provide only those PST file email addresses and others which are relevant to the search criteria.
  • Extracted outlook mail is saved either in .CSV which opens in Excel or .TXT
Email Extractor Outlook

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