Word Find & Replace Standard

This software that makes the tasks of finding and replacing words and phrases in different versions of Microsoft Word much easier. It also makes it easier for you to do various sorts of formatting. The software supports various file formats like .doc, .docx, .rtf etc. Besides helping you with search and replace in word files, you can also do various sort of formatting that includes changing back color and fore color, bold, italic or underline, strikethrough, superscripts and subscripts, changing cases like Upper case and lower case and formatting with header and footer.

It allows you to set different criteria for formatting different words. This can also be done in the batch find replace mode. The latest version of the software is fully bug free and provides various helpful new features like Unicode support and color picker. The utility is extremely user friendly and allows for a step by step processing of the documents which saves time and effort to a great extent. It provides a number of useful features. Special characters can be replaced with ease.

You can work easily with Paragraphs, tabs and lines in no time. The batch find replace feature can be used in finding and replacing words with the help of wildcard utility in various types of word files.

The greatest advantage that the software offers is that it allows for the processing of thousands of files and words in .doc, .docx and rtf file formats. The software supports a number of languages like German, French, Spanish, Italian, Urdu to mention a few. The finding, replacing and highlighting features are not limited to just English so they can be performed in these languages as well. Its feature of Batch find replace offers processing with the backup facility so that the original content and files are not lost or overwritten. Besides this, the log file will show all the details regarding processing for easy analysis. The processing can be done in same or different folder depending upon the need.

Word Find and Replace Standard

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Key Features
The Key Features of Word Find and Replace Standard include the following:
  • The software allows you to find and replace multiple phrases in different versions of MS Word and in file formats like doc, docx, rtf etc.
  • It allows you to set different criteria to find and replace in multiple word documents using the batch find replace.
  • It helps in search and replace for special characters. It also helps in formatting paragraphs, lines and tabs.
  • Use a single batch process for processing thousands of files.
  • Different words and phrases can be highlighted in different ways.
  • It allows you to format the content of the files in different ways like:
    1. Bold, italic and underline
    2. Strikethrough and double strikethrough
    3. Upper and lower case
    4. Back and fore colors
    5. Subscript and superscript
  • The software provides a log of all the file processing that has been done and it also provides a backup so that the original files do not get overwritten.
  • The software supports various languages like German, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi etc.
  • The processing is done step by step.
  • The software is fast, reliable and accurate and absolutely bug free.
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